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Now accepting enrollment for 2023-2024. Space is very limited! To ensure a spot for your child it's best to enroll on or before August 2023

Now hiring child care providers

We are here and we are open!

We are opening our doors to serve those on the front line, who are helping to fight the Covid-19 virus. Our facility has worked closely with local authorities and our staff to reopen our facility. Our responsibility as childcare providers is to keep you and your family safe. We are taking new precautions to help ensure we can continue to do so in these challenging times.

  • Checking everyone’s temperature at the door
  • Limiting the amount of outside items to be brought in
  • Parents to check in and out at door
  • Rotating cleaning throughout the day
  • Food to be provided from facility
  • Staff will maintain health and safety procedures


DJ's Christian Daycare/Preschool offers Christian based preschool with experienced and dedicated teachers and directors in Henderson, NV. Opportunities to experience a fantastic learning environment, emphasis on large group community time and individual choice lessons, and the early childhood development program includes a hands on, child centered, early child care programs.



DJ's Christian Daycare/Preschool is a Christ centered ministry serving the families of children, from infants through junior high. Our goal is to assist parents in fulfilling their God given responsibility of caring for and training their kids. Our experienced Christian daycare staff in Henderson, NV will help children reach their potential by nurturing curiosity, love, joy...



About Us

DJ'S Christian Preschool/Daycare is a family owned business

Established in 1995.

DJ's Learning Program We take pride in the education that we provide to the children in our care. The A Beka Book curriculum teaches sound learning principles to children of all ages with a Christian Theme. Our staff is dedicated to teaching the high quality educational materials provided to us by A Beka to enhance the enjoyment of learning for the children. We have found, through many years of experience, that children develop quickly while learning under these ideal conditions. The A Beka Book program is designed to create a comfortable environment, Thus allowing each child to fully enjoy the learning experience on a daily basis. Children are encouraged to be individuals, creative and to explore while receiving one-on-one attention from our caring staff.


To Whom It May Concern

I have know Debra Jo Abendroth since she resided in Wisconsin next door to me and watched her interacting with children she cared for which now is approximately 35 years.
She is the President/Administrator of DJ’S Community Christian Academy , 95 s Arroyo Grande Blvd. , Henderson, NV 89012 and President/Administrator of DJ’s Christian Preschool, 101 S. Arroyo Grande Blvd, Henderson, NV 89012.
Her dream was to take care of children which she did by being owner of DJ’S Christian Daycare but she always felt that is was God who lead her to open the Christian Academy . I think that God knew his Debra and knew that this was her life’s path.
I have visited Debra many times and each and every time I still walk away in total awe of her deep love for all the children and students. When you hear people say OH I love your child as if they were my own, she really does. I have witnessed her genuine love for all the children. She has so much patience, understanding, kindness and a determination that all with God’s help and guidance that every child and student will strive to be a better person and achieve greatness.
My grandson, Manuel Castaneda Jr. went to Debra’s Christian Academy when my daughter and family lived in Henderson , NV . They have moved back to Wisconsin and now he has graduated from Germantown High School with honors in June of 2017. He will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire to become a physician. We feel that Debra has been a guiding factor in his life.


Kathleen M. White
1511 Prairie Lane
Hubertus , Wisconsin 53033


Main Location

101 S Arroyo Grande Blvd Henderson, NV 89012

Pinecrest Academy of Nevada - Sloan Canyon

675 E. Dale Avenue, Henderson, NV 89044, United States