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About DJ's Christian Daycare Preschool

We are now serving all our existing families and New enrollees. Also, continuing to serve those on the front line.

DJ's Learning Program

We take pride in the education that we provide to the children in our care. The Abeka Book curriculum teaches sound learning principles to children of all ages with a Christian Theme. Our staff is dedicated to teaching the high quality educational materials provided to us by Abeka to enhance the enjoyment of learning for the children. We have found, through many years of experience, that children develop quickly while learning under these ideal conditions. The Abeka Book program is designed to create a comfortable environment, Thus allowing each child to fully enjoy the learning experience on a daily basis. Children are encouraged to be individuals, creative and to explore while receiving one-on-one attention from our caring staff. This is all done in a school-like atmosphere, preparing the younger child for the transition to kindergarten and will continue through our preschool.

"Open Floor Plan" (Preschool Centers)

We take pride in our unique "Open Floor Plan" concept. Our experience has proven that utilizing this concept at certain times of the day enables children to interact with others of varying age groups in a warm family atmosphere.

State of the Art Security

At our Preschool facility, we are equipped with an electronic key card entry system which limits access to parents and staff only unless accompanied and approved by a staff member. Our classrooms are equipped with a video monitoring system which allows surveillance of classroom activities, infant rooms and main entry. We maintain a strict parental approved pick up list for signing out children. Anyone not on the list will not be able to sign out a child without a phone approval from the parent and proper identification.