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Daycare in Henderson, NV

We are now serving all our existing families and New enrollees. Also, continuing to serve those on the front line.


DJ’s Christian Daycare/Preschool is a Christian daycare in Henderson, NV that places Christian values, learning and safety above all else.

DJ's Christian Daycare/Preschool is a Christ centered ministry serving the families of children, from infants through 5 years old. Our goal is to assist parents in fulfilling their God given responsibility of caring for and training their kids. Our experienced Christian daycare staff in Henderson, NV will help children reach their potential by nurturing curiosity, love, joy, and compassion.

It is never too early to teach children essential life skills. If you are looking for a quality Christian daycare center for your child, consider enrolling them in DJ's Christian Daycare/Preschool. Located in Henderson Clark County, this faith guided preschool has fostered a balance of scholastic skills and creativity in children for years. We provide Christian daycare and preschool services

We are always broadening horizons. When parents keep their kids at home in Henderson, NV, they are potentially missing out on opportunities to meet new people and have new experiences. DJ's Christian Daycare/Preschool Christian daycare centers provide various fun and engaging activities to teach children about the world. They will be able to play and learn alongside children different from themselves, enriching their perspectives.

We help with developing skills. Children can learn a lot from DJ's Christian Daycare/Preschool Christian daycare. The best Christian daycare programs focus on problem solving skills, social development, creativity, healthy relationships with peers and mentors, verbal skills, and academic skills. Proficiency in these areas greatly benefits kids as they begin schooling in Henderson Clark County.

Meet other adults in a healthy environment. While kids should be interacting with peers, it is just as important that they encounter adults other than parents and relatives. They should be able to form positive relationships with caregivers, like the ones at DJ's Christian Daycare/Preschool in Henderson, NV, who will help them build confidence, social skills, and an understanding of the world around them.

Your child will have more healthy interaction with peers. Unless you are regularly arranging play dates with your child in Henderson Clark County, they may not be getting enough opportunities to spend time with kids their age. DJ's Christian Daycare/Preschool Christian daycare provides a safe, supervised environment for them to improve their social interactions and skills. They will learn to share, problem solve, and build friendships together.

DJ's Christian Daycare/Preschool offers excellent preparation for school. Adjusting to school in Henderson, NV can be tough for young children, especially for those who are used to staying home with their parents every day. When kids are acclimated to attending a Christian daycare center, they will experience an easier transition into kindergarten.

High quality Christian daycare and early education from DJ's Christian Daycare/Preschool benefits children for life. Children in Henderson Clark County who experience a quality program are more likely to have greater academic success, enhanced independence and increased self control. We align our program and curriculum with the state guidelines for early childhood education. We also use Bible curriculum from Abeka Book. There are many ways Christian daycare programs are beneficial to children.

DJ's Christian Daycare/Preschool curriculum in Henderson, NV is designed with specific objectives for each age level and child. The following goals are incorporated in to every class. We help with developing an awareness of God and our need for him while developing safe and healthy habits in young children. We encourage fostering positive independence, providing opportunities for creative expression, and supporting the development of social skills. We will help with stimulating cognitive problem solving skills, strengthening communication skills necessary for listening, reading, writing and speaking, and enhancing fine motor and gross motor skills while assessing the individual needs of each child.

The early years in a child's life set the tone for future learning. Our goal at DJ's Christian Daycare/Preschool is to stay current in child development in Henderson Clark County so that we are able to build an educational foundation for each child that lasts a lifetime We believe that the ultimate foundation for all of life is based on Jesus Christ and a relationship with him. Our desire is to introduce to children at an early age the love of God and man’s need for him, thus giving a spiritual foundation that will influence a child through life.

DJ's Christian Daycare/Preschool staff in Henderson, NV consists of dedicated individuals who are able to provide appropriate care to your child. They have significant experience and training to work with young children. All employees must meet requirements for background checks, physical exam, TB test and Hepatitis A vaccine. In addition, we require CPR/First Aid training.

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Parents in Henderson Clark County want the best education and care for their children, and they often look for ways to enhance their young one’s potential. DJ's Christian Daycare/Preschool Christian daycare program can be highly beneficial to kids in Henderson, NV. Giving your child a place to go during the day that provides them with plenty of activities, skill development, and social interaction is great for an active mind and body and their academic future.